Re-Health project implementation follow-up in Syracuse, Sicily


09 December 2016 – Under the framework of the Re-health project’s implementation phase, IOM Rome carried out a monitoring mission on 21-22 November in Siracuse to follow up the implementation of the Personal Health Record (PHR) and accompanying Handbook for Health Professionals (HPs), as part of the signed agreement between IOM and the Local Health Authority of Syracuse.

In coordination and with the assistance of the Re-Health project coordinator for the ASP Azienda Sanitaria Provinciale Syracuse, the monitoring mission included meetings with collaborating doctors, health mediators and personnel involved in the implementation of the PHR and a visit to the First Reception Centre ‘CAS Oasi Don Bosco’, in Palazzolo, one of the biggest in Syracuse province hosting around 190 minors. Most beneficiaries of ASP Syracuse services in hosting centers, in fact, are minors, being with a 30% percentage of women also served.

IOM staff had the opportunity to discuss operational procedures in the project implementation sites and to monitor the progress achieved in the utilization of the Personal Health Record to assess migrants’ health. The meeting also helped to identify needs and to discuss further steps, including the organization of new trainings for health mediators supporting health professionals, and provide suggestions for future implementation (i.e. testing the PHR in second reception centres - SPRAR, Comunità- with the aim to deepen data not immediately measurable in a first hosting centre - i.e. mental status - and have a first feedback on health traceability of refugees and asylum seekers within the arrival country).

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