National Consultative Committee (NCC) in the framework of the first component Re-Health project held in Ljubljana, Slovenia 21 April 2016

21 April 2016 - A National Consultation (NC), co-organized by IOM Slovenia and MHD RO Brussels and hosted by the Slovenian National Institute for Public Health, was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 21 April 2016 to enhance cooperation and further discuss the implementation of the piloting of the Personal Health record (PHR) in Slovenia and other EU Member States.

The meeting counted with representation from the Slovenian Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Health, the National Institute for Public Health Slovenia, representative from of the Asylum Centre as well as members from the academia and other non-governmental organizations involved in migrant health response. 

IOM MHD RO Brussels opened up the session by introducing the IOM/EC direct agreement, the Re-Health project, and health projects supported by the European Commission (EC). Participants and representatives from local authorities and other organizations presented an overview on the access to health care for migrants and asylum seekers in Slovenia as well as the situation for vulnerable groups and health inequalities in the country.

Particular attention was also given to communicable diseases control among the migrant population. Furthermore, the meeting also served as a platform of discussion on the use of the PHR and Handbook, and on the online database platform, where data from the PHR will be collected.