IOM MHD RO Brussels contributes to capacity building events on Cross-border Healthcare and Promotion of Migrant Integration in Europe in Brussels


Organized by Public Policy Exchange, the two events, ‘Cross-border Healthcare in Europe: Promoting Patient’s Rights and Boosting Cooperation’ – 12 September 2017, and ‘Promoting Migrant Integration for a Powerful, Diverse and Multicultural Europe’ – 14 September 2017, will provided the opportunity for a constructive debate on the latest instruments in support of the Cross-Border Healthcare Directive as well as to discuss on the current challenges of migration and integration in Europe.

IOM MHD RO Brussels is to contribute to the cross-border healthcare innovations panel by presenting the activities implemented within the Re-health project, and the recently launched Re-Health2, in particularly the implementation of the electronic Personal Health Record (e-PHR) as a tool for integration of refugees in EU health systems. 

MHD RO Brussels is also to contribute to the EU Framework for Migrant Integration panel with the presentation of the MIPEX Health Strand, developed within the Equi-Health project. 

Both events will be attended by policy-makers, stakeholders, experts, and representatives from EU national institutions and authorities who will have the opportunity to learn from IOM’s actions intended to promote migrant’s integration, health provision and continuity of care, and engage in the from successful examples of cooperation, exchange innovations and debate over the EU-wide strategy to improve integration policies across EU Member States.

More detailed information on the events here.