IOM MHD (RO Brussels and IOM Croatia) meetings with the Croatian Ministries of Health and Interior to discuss current migration health developments, including the Re-Health project implementation in Croatia and support for future actions.

22 March 2017 - IOM MHD RO Brussels contributed to the IOM Croatia’s organized March meetings with the Croatian Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Health (Minister Mr. Milan Kujundžić and his team) to discuss on current and future migration health collaborations, including the implementation of the Re-Health project in Croatia as well as the global migration health agenda. National by-in for the continuation of actions and collaboration on training in Croatia was sought and confirmed.

The first day meeting with the Ministry of Interior, also attended by Mr. Toić Sintić, Assistant to Acting Border Police Director, and representatives from a migrant detention centre and the irregular migration department, IOM discussed on the migration health agenda in Croatia and how these issues can be addressed through current and upcoming projects, continuing the started collaboration with Equi-Health project training activities organized for law enforcement officers and health professionals.

During the second day meeting at the Ministry of Health with the Minister Mr. Milan Kujundžić and assistants ministers, IOM also took the opportunity to discuss on the migration and health agenda, in particularly on the importance of provision of health care, initial health assessments and the e-PHR (electronic Personal Health Record) currently being implemented under the Re-Health project. More technical questions were also addressed on the overall Re-Health implementation phase in Croatia and support for the upcoming projects.

The meetings with both Ministries of Health and Interior provided the opportunity for IOM to discuss some points related to the global agenda on migration and health. In particular, the WHO 140th session of the Executive Board’s call for situational analysis reports and the development Global Framework and Action Plan on Health of Migrants and Refugees, supported by Croatia, to promote and ensure the health of refugees and migrants and that it is comprehensive addressed in the Global compacts on migrants and refugees, as previously called during the UN High Level Meeting to Address Large Movements of Refugees and Migrants. Furthermore, the 2030 agenda of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was also recalled, pointing out the explicit target on orderly and safe migration through well managed migration policies, “leave no one behind and UHC, together with the health targets directly relevant to migrant health.

On the same day, IOM also met the director of the Public Health Institute, Mr. Krunoslav Capak, and two epidemiologists to talk about trainings on migration health focused on communicable diseases.

Further related to the Re-Health field implementation activities in Croatia, IOM also met with the field coordinator in Croatia of Médecins du Monde, Ms. Juliette Delescluse in order to discuss project related cooperation and the health assessment based on the e-PHR.

On the third day, IOM team met with Anita Dakić, manager of the Reception Centre for Asylum Seekers in Zagreb, where Re-Health is piloted and health mediators in action. The meeting included a visit at the centre’s facilities, with a particular focus on the situation of health services organization.

In addition, one last meeting took place with the Croatian Red Cross to further discuss on health assessments, the e-PHR and areas of cooperation with IOM on the continuation of action in Croatia.