Consolidation of the use of the PHR/e-PHR

To consolidate the use of the PHR/e-PHR with the view to demonstrate the feasibility and limitations of such a system, the Re-Health2 action intends:
  • A second phase of implementation in the countries participating in the first stage, within the Re-Health project, and in minimum three new sites;
  • Promotion of the utilization of the PHR/e-PHR and similar system at local, national and EU level; 
  • Data collection on the use of the PHR/e-PHR to better assess the feasibility of such tool; 
  • Further dissemination of the concept with the printing of the PHR for health assessment performed within the relocation  scheme;
  • Data collection on migrants’ health status at the moment of relocation (conditional to agreement with DG HOME).
Two deliverables are directly related to the Implementation of the PHR:
  1. Report on the use of the PHR/e-PHR within the new and previously piloted countries.
  2. Health monitoring report out of the Health assessment done within the context of the relocation (conditional to agreement from DG Home).
Four EU Member States, Croatia, Greece, Italy, and Slovenia as well as three new countries, Cyprus, Romania and Serbia, have committed in regards to the project implementation in this second phase.