Capacity building

The implementation of the PHR/e-PHR and its related electronic platform, includes capacity building for health mediators identified among the incoming migrants and refugees. 

Cultural mediation skills in health care represent the “bridge” between people of different socio-cultural backgrounds and health professionals. Health mediation meets the need of a culturally sensitive approach, by improving access and quality care delivered to migrant patients, by improving communication between health professionals and migrant patients, by increasing the responsiveness of the clinical environment to the socio-cultural and health care needs of migrant patients.

Therefore, trainings on Migration Health for Cultural Mediators will be organized to impart mediators with the necessary knowledge on migrants’ needs in respect to  health care and mediation as well as to enable them to understand the added value of the PHR/e-PHR and related database via face-to-face and online training.

Trainings will be carried out in new implementation country at the beginning of the project based on previously developed training modules within previous projects (i.e. Equi-Health or Re-Health) and will not be specifically developed for this project. 

In addition, health mediators will also have the opportunity to gain knowledge about migrants’/refugees’ needs through an online course, in addition to the Euro Health Mediator Platform, which will contribute to building the capacity of health mediators in Europe and to allow them to network and exchange good practices with other professionals based in other European countries.