Electronic health database

Following the first phase of piloting of the PHR/e-PHR within Re-Health and the related electronic health database within the Re-Health project in Croatia, Greece, Italy and Slovenia, and according to findings and recommendations from the Feasibility/Transferability Study conducted within the pilot phase project, the PHR/e-PHR and related electronic platform will be revised to better meet the needs of stakeholders involved in the provision of health care to migrants and the general population (national and regional authorities, civil society organizations, etc.) as well as migrants/refugees’ needs. 
In line with the EU Directive 2011/24/EU on cross border health care, the data protection directive (95/46/EC2 and EC/2016/679) and IOM data protection principles, the revision will include - but will not be limited to - the following aspects:
  • Automatic translation in minimum two languages according to geographic localization of the user; 
  • More possibilities to upload and download documents, such as medical test results;  
  • Additional spaces for follow-up exams and extra lab tests;  
  • Additional search fields, etc.
For more information on the PHR/e-PHR and the related electronic health database, please see here