Electronic health database

Deliverables related to the component Electronic Health Database are as following:

  1. Electronic PHR to facilitate data entry in the platform/database, to retrieve specific PHR when needed (e.g. referral of a patient) and allow the extraction of data sets for analysis
  2. Electronic health database (confidential) to ensure that migrant health assessment records are available at transit and destination countries and to strengthen national and cross-border disease surveillance and response capacities.Throughout the piloting process, options to ensure the sustainability of the database after the end of the project will be explored with national health authorities.
  3. Data sets (confidential), which are aggregated data extracted from the data base, will allow national and cross-border disease surveillance and response capacities
  4. Training on the utilization of the PHR and data collection requirements, it includes sessions on data collection and entry requirements, validation and quality control and is provided by experienced IOM health information system personnel.